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Internal Family Systems

IFS is a new form of psychotherapy that has been spreading rapidly across the country in the past decade. It is compassionate, inclusive, spiritual, powerfully healing, and deeply respectful of our inner life. Despite the name, it is primarily a form of individual therapy.

IFS recognizes that our psyches are made up of different parts, sometimes called sub-personalities. You can think of them as little people inside us. Each part has its own perspective, feelings, memories, goals, and motivations. For example one part of you might be trying to lose weight and another part might want to eat whatever you want. We all have parts like the Inner Critic, the Abandoned Child, the Pleaser, the Angry part, and the Loving Caretaker.

IFS also recognizes that we each have a spiritual center, the Self, which is compassionate, understanding, and grounded. Through IFS you can learn to stay in Self,  develop a relationship with each of your parts, and heal them. This is quite empowering because the healing comes from you.

Below is a link to my mentor and trainer's website. Feel free to explore all about IFS and then schedule a free consultation with me to find out how IFS can free you to live your life to the fullest.

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